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The maniacs are on the loose!  Georg built
Heller's nasty R-35 kit and enhanced it with
On-the-mark photo etched parts  and the
newly redone "French AFV's, 1940" decal
Georg built this BT-42, based on the MB models BT-7 kit with the Commander's
BT-42 conversion kit.  Modelkasten track and scratchbuilt fenders were added as
well as styrene tube exhausts and photo-etched details.  DM-002 "Finnish AFV's"
were used for markings and the license plate was custom printed.
Georg kit-bashed this M4A3 76mm wet Sherman from a Tamiya lower
hull, Tank Workshop upper hull, Italeri turret, Jordi Rubio barrel, RHPS
track and Custom Dioramics photo-etch parts.  The hull inscription is
from the "Silly Slogans" sheet reads: My other car is a tractor!
Henry Charles built a Hotchkiss H-35 from the Heller kit and
used DM-008 "France, 1940" for the markings.  Great job!
Georg built this tiny CV-33 from the Cri.el kit and used the
DM-007 "Hungarian AFV's" on the model.
Bob LaPadura of IPMS/NJ took a 3rd place at the 2002
IPMS/USA national competition with his Egyptian JS-3.  Bob
used DM-019 "The Arab Armies #2" for the markings.  Great job
Henry Charles built this S-35 Somua from the Heller kit and used
DM-008 "France, 1940" for the markings.  Nice work!
Using DM-021 "Free French WW2 markings," Henry Charles built an
Steve Willoughby built this Egyptian T-34/85 model 1945
using the Maquette kit an used DM-019 for markings.  Nice
work Steve!
Eastern Express's KV-1s kit provided the basis for this model built by Georg Eyerman.  He used On-the-Marl photo-etch, a Jordi Rubio
barrel, Friul track and DM-010 for markings.
Georg used a Trumpeter T-55, with Armour Track models track, Model depot
barrel and DM-022 for markings for this Croatian T-55 of the Tiger Brigade..
Georg built the old Commander's kit of the Turan II and used Friuli
tracks and DM-007 for markings.
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