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This French Panther ausf A,
circa 1975, was built with
DML's Panther ausf A (late)
kit, WW2 Productions
tracks and DM-021 Free
This Bulgarian Panzer IV ausf G was builkt using the Italeri
Panzer IV ausf F1, F2, G kit, with Modelkasten tracks, Jordi
Rubio barrel and DM-014 Bulgarian AFV's decals.
A Brasilian M3A3 Lee, based on the Tamiya kit, with alot of work
(RHPS tracks, Caliber 35 roadwheels and engine deck, Tank
Workshop exhaust, Eduard Photo-etch, Formations Tools and
ADV engine compartment and DM-003 (revised) decals).
Tamiya's latest 1/35 scale kit, the French Char B1 bis, responsible for making 2006 a banner year for us.  The kit was built from the
box, with DM-040 for markings.
This Eastern Express's KV-1 model 1942 kit, with
On-the-Mark PE, a Jordi Rubio Barrel, Fruili
track and DM-027 Russian Tactical Markings and
DM-010 Russian Slogans.
A Finnish T-34/76 in the early postwar period.
 This model was based on the Zvezda kit, with
scratchbuilt stowage bins, WW2 Productions
track, Navigator turret, Jordi Rubio barrel and
DM-026 decals.
Trumpeter's Type 59 kit provided the basic model for this
Pakistani Type 59.  The model was detailed with wire details
for the grab handles and fuel lines.  Armour track models
provided the tracks.  The decals are DM-025 Pakistani AFV's.
This is the ICM T-28 kit with
Modelkasten tracks.  It was marked with
DM-023, Russian Prewar Tactical
markings.  Yes, that is an official
camouflage scheme!