About the company (or, meet the maniacs)
I've been running Decalcomaniacs! since 1999 and
along the way, I've done business with lots of people
all over the world (I think the only continents not
shipped to have been Africa and Antarctica!).  They,
like me, have an interest in something different.  My
idea was simple: make something that isn't available,
give people good value and charge them fair prices.  
I think in that regard, Decalcomaniacs! has been a
rousing success with nearly 1000 sheets sold as of
this writing.
Our mascot,
D. Calvin Maniac!
Georg aboard a
Brazilian M-41 in
Rio de Janeiro,
Currently, we have a staff of three: Georg Eyerman, Steve Willoughby and
Madison.  Georg is the founder and first got the bright (?) idea of making the
decals.  Somewhere along the line, he roped in Steve, whose artistic ability was
vastly better than Georg's.  Steve reworked a bunch of sheets and then started to
create new ones (hence his title of head of the art department.  Last is Madison,
who's main claim to fame is that she keeps Georg's feet warm when he's doing
Decalcomaniacs! stuff.  Yes, you guessed it, Madison is Georg's 4 year-old
Black Labrador Retriever.
We have one former employee, who moved out to Kentucky to raise fainting
goats.  Exactly why, we're not sure.  Anyway, we at Decalcomaniacs! enjoy what
we do and try to make sure that carries over into the products we produce.  We
hope you enjoy them as much as we do making them.
Steve, our art department director.
Madison, head of the dog department.