Listed below is our new links area.  The links
presently are made up for those websites and
companies that supported us as we started
out.  As a "Thank You," we are reciprocating
the favor.  As time goes by, we'll connect with
other websites that you might find useful;
either from a research or modelling standpoint.
Small Scale Scene. Robin Buckland's site from the UK.  Robin was one of our
earliest supporters.  You may also recognise him from Military Modelling.
Gizmology.  This outfit blind-sided us from out of nowhere when we picked up a
copy of their book, and we were listed!
Armor in Scale.  We have no idea how they found us, but a great site for
modelling-related articles.
Mezzi Militari.  Again, we have no idea how they found us, but this Italian site has
tons of links.
Association Maquettiste Varoise.  A neat French site.  They found us, from
seemingly out of the blue.
AFV news.  This is the grand-daddy of all armor websites.  A must-see and great
discussion group!
Missing Lynx.  A truly comprehensive armor modelling website.  This one has it all!
Finescale modeller.  A great site for modelling in general.  Has a great "upcoming
events" section.
Fi-1877.  A Finnish site with lots of pictures of various AFV's in Finnish service.
Tony M's Modelling index.  Tony M's incredible list of links for all things modelling.  
Definitely worth a look!


Tanks!  This is a great site with lots of info on the small armies of the world up to
1945.  This is definitely worth a look as it has tons of rarely seen photos.