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      Hello and welcome to the Decalcomaniacs homepage. Our
mission is simple: to provide the armor modeler distinctive, quality
decals at a fair price.  The past year has been spectacular for
Decalcomaniacs!  The release of the Tamiya Char B1 bis kit and our
subsequent release of two decal sets for it, helped to make 2006 the
best year we've had to date.  Several other sheets were released last
year and helped to fill several areas we thought were lacking.
      In 2007, we have already released two new sheets: T-72's Around
the World and U.S. Army AFV Registration Numbers.  We have several
more in the works, but we'll them a secret for now.  Thanks again to all
who supported us last year and bought our distinctive markings.  
Hopefully, 2007 will be even better!
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